DayZ Forums Hacked, Bohemia Warns Users To Change Passwords

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Bohemia Interactive has bad news for users on the DayZ forums. User account information, including usernames, emails, and paswords, were successfully downloaded by hackers.

In fact, the hackers managed to access and download all the usernames, emails and passwords, in a single security incident. Thankfully, this information was not stored as plain text. What this means is that the hackers can’t just put the data into the forums to log in, because the data is stored in a secure format.

However, even in this form, hackers can still use the data they have to compromise user accounts. If you were in the DayZ forums, you should change your password and take extra precautions to protect your account immediately. If you use the same password in other websites and services, you should change it there as well.

Bohemia is already replacing their old login system, on IPBoards, with their new custom built Bohemia Account. This is the same system Bohemia uses for their online store, and they promise that it’s far more secure, and will ensure a similar incident won’t happen again.

Last year, the servers for DayZ the game were itself hacked, but no user data was not compromised then. That hack also did not affect development of the game in any way.

Are you a DayZ forum user directly affected by this hack? Have you changed your account information yet? Share your stories with us in the comments.