A Fallout 4 Settlement Mastermind Built The Impressive Tower Of Eden On PS4

Fallout 4’s settlement feature has proven to be a deep aspect of the game. It’s inspired post-nuclear town planning in many a Sole Survivor, and produced some awesome creations, especially from our own Managing Editor Holly Green.

You can add YouTuber Jug’s Tower of Eden, at Abernathy Farms, to the long list of awesome Fallout 4 creations (via GamesRadar). Jug describes it as a “massive self sufficient structure.” In the video, he explains that building the tower only makes sense at Abernathy Farms, due to the settlement having the tallest height limit in the game. Jug used a large circular method to construct the tower. The grand hall is so big, he had to rebuild the entire back wall and expand it to make room.

Remember, this structure was built on PS4, which means Jug couldn’t use console commands or mods to help him build the tower. Every plank, wall, staircase, and door had to be laid down manually.

Since people have gotten hold of the settlement system, many seem to have forgotten the fantastic character creation screen at the beginning of the game, which spawned some of these great creations.

The official Fallout Twitter account has said that details on console mods are coming soon.