Jagged Alliance Flashback Dev Accused Of Feuding With Backers

A fan is alleging bad behavior from developer Full Control, as well as their supporters, after tense interactions regarding their Kickstarter game, Jagged Alliance Flashback.

The Copenhagen based studio announced they would cease development of new titles early this year, and laid off staff following financial difficulties. While they have pledged to keep supporting existing titles, there may have been festering tension from this situation for quite some time.

Reddit user TheLARPKing’s story is long, but it isn’t hard to understand. He was a backer for the Kickstarter for Jagged Alliance Flashback, and in this capacity criticized the company for failing to deliver a full product as promised upon release. The game did not just use Kickstarter, but also went through Early Access, and TheLARPKing was not the only backer critical of their actions.

As TheLARPKing says, two months after releasing the game, Full Control threatened to, and went ahead to pull support for the game because Steam reviews remained overwhelmingly negative. TheLARPKing believes this is the reason got the dev going under, but it’s worth noting the company is retired, not bankrupt, and subject to other mitigating factors.

TheLARPKing alleges three individuals with conflicts of interest coming onto Steam and Jagged Alliance forums to defend the developer and the game.  TheLARPKing himself has been banned from the game’s forums.  However, most recently, a new Steam user named bootacious appeared on the Steam forums and took things too far.

TheLARPKing says that bootacious changed her display picture to his Facebook profile picture, which she took from his private account. TheLARPKing believes bootacious is actually a dupe account owned by a Full Control dev, or someone connected to the company. TheLARPKing is still waiting on Steam’s response on his reporting the account.