Assassin’s Creed Unity Issues And Fixes Guide

This is an issues and fixes guide for Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Update: AMD has confirmed there are performance issues running the game specific to combinations of their GPU and CPU cards. AMD and Ubisoft are currently working on a resolution, but there are no workarounds or solutions for now.

Before you go through the troubleshooting guide, make sure you have updated the game with Patch 1.1 and 1.2. The patches fix these issues:

·         Fixed crash when accepting invitation in specific cases

·         Added NVIDIA technologies descriptions in advanced graphics page

·         Improved performance in cinematic on low HW configurations

·         Fixed various Graphic issues

·         Fixed various Input issues

·         Fixed various Multi-GPU issues

·         Fixed various UI issues

·         Fixed various Uplay Invitations issues

·         Fixed crash with MSAA enabled

·         The “Reload” action is now available in the “Customize Controls” menu

·         Fixed various Graphic issues

·         Fixed various Multi-GPU issues

·         Fixed various Multi-Monitor issues

·         Fixed various UI issues

·         Fixed various Uplay Actions issues

·         Fixed various Uplay Progressive Download issues

·         Fixed various Uplay Rewards issues

Furthermore, the Assassin’s Creed Initiates site, a community run initiative that hosts news, forums and guides, is temporarily down. As a result, you will also not be able to access Initiates chests in-game for now. Ubisoft will update when they become available.

Issue: ACU.exe is not working.

Fix: Go to Uplay, and disable/uncheck “Enable in-game overlay for supported games.”

Issue: Game is encrypted.

Fix: The game may be encrypted because it is unavailable in your region. These are the release dates for the game:

·         North America: November 11

·         PAL: November 13

·         UK: November 14

·         Japan: December 4

Should it be available anyway? Close Steam and reopen it.

Issue: ACU.exe is corrupt.

Fix: Look for the ACU.exe file in the installation folder, under steamapps. Delete or move the file, and then reenter Steam. Verify your game cache for Unity and the game should redownload immediately.

Issue: UPlay crashes.

Fix: Reboot the PC completely.

Issue: Poor FPS and stuttering graphics.

Fix: Check if your graphics drivers are up to date.

Issue: Missing DLLs.

Fix: We recommend you use this to find the DLLs you need.

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