Cyberpunk 2077 Will Return To PlayStation Digital Storefront This Month

For a few years now there was plenty of anticipation and excitement over CD Projekt Red’s upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077. The video game was something fans were ecstatic to play in 2020 after this studio was able to bring out the high regard for The Witcher franchise into the marketplace. With all the teasers, trailers, interviews, and updates surrounding this game, there was plenty of content to keep fans amped up for the launch. However, it also came with a series of delays which pushed the game further out.

With CD Projekt Red confirming that the game wouldn’t release outside of 2020, fans were finally able to dive into this game in December of 2020. The results were lackluster as the game was filled with bugs and technical issues. There wasn’t a player out there that didn’t go through this game without a few problematic issues that resulted in waiting for a fix to come out. However, those that suffered the most were last-generation base console players as the game was unplayable for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This prompted Sony to go ahead and pull the plug for this game by removing it from their digital storefront. It’s been six months now since the game was removed and while players couldn’t get their hands on a copy of this game for the PlayStation 4 digitally, it didn’t stop CD Projekt Red from pressing on with new updates. Looking back at it, Sony’s PlayStation Head Jim Ryan made note that it was a tough decision pulling that game, to begin with.

Fortunately, it looks like CD Projekt Red is going to get another chance. It’s been confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 will be returning to the Sony PlayStation digital storefront on June 21, 2021. This should hopefully come with a stable version for players to enjoy fully. Although the developers are still working on a series of updates and even DLC expansions to make the game even more enticing for the long run. For players outside of the PlayStation 4 and have already completed this title, it’s been a waiting game to get their hands on DLC to bring something new out into Night City. 

Source: PC Gamer