PlayStation Now Adds Nioh, Streets of Rage 4 For May

Credit: Sony

Sony today revealed which games would be coming to the PlayStation Now subscription service in May. The three games added to the library are all relatively good ones: Nioh, Streets of Rage 4, and Jump Force. It’s a bit of a step up from last month’s offerings, and it’s a good offering for PS Now subscribers.

Nioh is one of those Soulsbourne-adjacent games that was not actually made by From Software and follows the (fictionalized fantasy) adventures of William, one of the few Westerners ever to become a samurai. Unlike the other two games coming to the service, Nioh doesn’t appear to have an expiration date and will stay on the service indefinitely. Jump Force, the fighting game starring famous manga heroes will be available to subscribers until August 2.

Likewise, the last game, Streets of Rage 4, will only have a short time on the service. It’s the newest game on the list, being a sequel to the original trilogy of classic Sega Genesis games. It will be available until November 1. It’s a decent slate for the month, and Sony also revealed recently it’s rolling out 1080p game streaming support over the next several weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nioh and Jump Force, at least, are on the list of compatible games (which Sony has not yet shared).

As always, the announcement of new PlayStation Now games pales in comparison to Xbox Game Pass, especially when the two announcements come on the same day. Xbox Game Pass subscribers got nine new games this month, almost all of them winners. Still, it’s not as bad this month as it was last month when the banner game was the rather controversial Marvel’s Avengers. At least this month we get some reasonably good titles. Also, if you aren’t sold on Game Pass by now, you’re never going to be and at least PS Now is available as an alternative.

Source: PlayStation Blog