Tomodachi Life TV Commercial Released Ahead of Game’s Launch

Nintendo of America has released the TV commercial for Tomodachi Life ahead of the game's launch on June 6th in Europe and the US.

The life-sim sees players take command of their Mii avatars and ensure they have enough to eat, friends, and clothing with the goal of making them content. Mii's can also get married and there has been some controversy over the treatment of same sex relationships.

However, Nintendo issued an apology on Friday following the uproar in which the company vowed to create a "more inclusive" environment should there be a sequel. 

Tomodachi Life is the first game in the series to be released outside Japan. The 2009 DS version sold some 3.76 million copies while its 3DS successor has moved 1.82 million units to date since its release in April, 2013.

Check out the ad below.