Industry Insider Claims Capcom Was Forced Into Delaying Street Fighter 6

There is quite a massive community for the Street Fighter franchise and for some of you, there may have been some anticipation over the next big release for the franchise. Street Fighter 5 is the latest mainline release which came out in 2016 but now an industry insider claims that Street Fighter 6 was supposed to hit the marketplace this year. That unfortunately changed as internally the game was not testing all that well.

The industry insider we’re referring to is AestheticGamer who has released credible information in the past on Twitter, such as the Resident Evil Village prior to its announcement. Now the user has returned to Twitter and alerted their followers on what he knows about Street Fighter 6. While claiming that he’s not big into the fighting game genre, he claims to know that Capcom was planning to release the next main installment to Street Fighter this year.

Originally, the game was being headed by Yoshinori Ono, although when the game was being tested internally, there wasn’t much positive feedback. As a result, Ono was bumped from the position with another director taking over to make changes to the game. Apparently, there was a mechanic that was focused on team battles that didn’t take well and it’s either being scrapped or altered a bit.

Now the game has been pushed back to 2021 and we’re not sure if any delays were forced by Capcom due to the coronavirus that resulted in so many companies transitioning to remote work. Of course, there is no way of knowing just how true these comments are at the moment. But being a credible insider in the past has left AestheticGamer to gain quite a following. This could also be the reason behind the latest Street Fighter 5 season pass that released which would further give gamers some content to enjoy until Street Fighter 6 is ready to be unveiled.

Source: Twitter