Call of Duty Ghosts IA-2 Guide

This is a guide for the IA-2 in Call of Duty Ghosts.

The IA-2 outputs good damage. It can kill with one headshot, or two shots at close range. That does not waver in longer ranges, going up only to three shots to kill, two with one headshot. Its range is superior to the MR-28, and a little lower than the Mark14 EBR.

Rate of fire is on the low end at 545 rounds per minute. However, hipfire is poor, making close untargeted shots unlikely to hit the target.

Recoil is moderate, with shots tending to go upwards. It’s easy to compensate and hit successive shots at longer distances. Aim time is average at 300 milliseconds, and mobility is good. You will be able to move at 90 % of your base speed.

Magazine capacity is again average for its class at 18 rounds per magazine, 27 rounds for extended magazines. The IA-2 reloads at 3.10 seconds, which is slow for its class, but manageable.

The IA-2 does well at medium and long range. Your attachment/Perk choices should be defensive in nature, allowing you to endure while lining your shots.

The holographic sight is a good replacement for the integrated scope, with a slightly elevated zoom level compared to other optics. Extended magazines are also a suitable upgrade, giving you less time to worry about reloads.

Of course, Focus is front and center among your Perks. It will reduce sway, and lower flinch from incoming fire. The IA-2 is all about making each shot count, and Focus will help raise the chances in your favor.

Blast Shield is a great resistive Perk, assuming your enemies use grenades frequently. ICU is another suitable resistive Perk to increase your odds. Outside of this, you can choose Perks that suit your personal style. Remember that the IA-2 works best at medium and long ranges.