Square Enix Insists Tomb Raider Definitive Edition At 30 FPS

We have a new statement regarding Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition’s framerate, insisting both versions are at 30 FPS. Without using too many words, of  course, this has just muddled things even further.

We 1st heard about Tomb Raider’s framerate from an interview with Eurogamer, where it was revealed that the Definitive Edition was going to be at 30 FPS. Subsequently, Rocket Chainsaw covered a rumor that the PS4 version would run at 60 FPS, and the Xbox One version runs at 30 FPS. This was bolstered in an account from a Twitch stream with the game’s executive producer, Scot Amos.

However, today a new party, VideoGamer, received a response from Square Enix regarding the issue. Square Enix’s statement is as follows:

Both platforms offer the same outstanding Tomb Raider experience. Delivering the core Tomb Raider gameplay at native 1080p and running at 30fps was always our primary goal given the type of experience Tomb Raider is and the exploration we want players to do. Anything beyond 30fps for this version is gravy.

Obviously, the question of the moment is what’s going on here? Why is Square Enix saying one thing, and people from Crystal Dynamics saying another? We do not want to foster rumormongering here, but clearly there's a disconnect here that we can't avoid reporting. On our end, we have named all our sources here for you to verify and decide on on your own, as we await the eventual date we can put the issue to rest. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition will release January 28.