Dontnod Entertainment’s Tell Me Why Episode Releases Will Be Weeks Apart

You are likely familiar with Dontnod Entertainment’s Life is Strange franchise. The IP was a massive hit as an episodic adventure game journey filled with emotional choices and plays on moral decisions. Unfortunately, for fans that were going through Life is Strange 2, the video game episode releases were months apart making it difficult to keep interested or sway players’ patience with much of a discussion about the episodes online. That’s something that the upcoming video game release, Tell Me Why, plans to change.

Dontnod Entertainment is working on Tell Me Why, an episodic journey that follows twins, Alyson and Tyler, as they venture back to their old home. The main focus of the game seems to be centered around Tyler who transitioned from a female to a male. Now back in their home, the duo relives certain events from their lives to help understand the life of Tyler growing up along with the effect it may have had with their mother. Dontnod Entertainment is no stranger in crafting up an emotional and mature storyline with choices littered throughout. These choices will play an outcome in the narrative, though we’re unsure of just how many endings we’ll get with Tell Me Why just yet due to players choosing certain outcomes. 

However, the biggest issue right now that some players may have is the wait time between episodes. There will only be three episodes with this game and it looks like the development studio is hoping to keep them just a few weeks apart from each other. This will allow players the ability to enjoy the game without a long wait to complete it along with offering players a time gap to digest the story told, speculate what may happen next and share their thoughts with others online. 

This decision to make wait times shorter than in Life is Strange 2 also comes in the form of fan feedback according to the game director Florent Guillaume. Having a shorter expectation for an episode release will likely play a role in how developers go through the development of the game, but for now, it looks like the game is still on track to release sometime this summer for the PC and Xbox One platforms.