Billie Ellish Surprises Her Biggest Fans Who Thought They Were Testing “Bad Guy” Gameplay from Just Dance 2020

billie ellish, just dance

Just Dance 2020 is the 10th entry in the long-running franchise and each year passing more and more superstars join the game to have epic dances for some of their biggest songs; and this year happens to be feature pop star Billie Ellish.

With the inclusion of Ellish in the game and her head-bumping addictive song, Bad Guy, fans all around were super excited to get their hands on the game. And thanks to Ubisoft and Billie Ellish, an epic surprise was formed. Some super fans of the star were brought in to Ubisoft’s office to “test out” the gameplay for some songs including Billie’s song — “Bad Guy”.

However they didn’t know the star was just around the corner, check out the epic surprise from popstar Billie Ellish down below:

If you’re looking for more Just Dance 2020 fun, might I interest you in checking out the epic launch trailer for the game? The trailer previews what to come in Just Dance 2020 and that’s tons of the hottest songs from the year including Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy, Ed Shereen’s I Don’t Care, and the vastly popular Old Town Road. There’s a ton of songs aimed for a variety of audiences and different age groups. Oh, and by the way the internet viral song, Baby Shark is the game. What else can we ask for?

In related Just Dance 2020 news, in lieu of Just Dance is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, for the first time ever, Ubisoft is bringing 40 songs to the base game. Earlier this week, Ubisoft revealed all 40 songs which you can read more about right here.

Just Dance 2020 has officially launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Did you pick up the latest title in the long-running franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube