New PlayStation VR Commercial Wants You to Live The Game

As we head into the holiday season, more and more companies will begin to increase their marketing for their products and today it starts with Sony releasing a brand new commercial that focuses on their virtual reality console, PlayStation VR.

Watch it down below.

“With PlayStation VR, players can immerse themselves in new extraordinary worlds as they experience the game like never before. Live the game.”

The new advertisement gives viewers a brand new perspective to gaming as they are transported into their game, rather than playing it from the television. And that is exactly what PSVR is all about, being a part of the game in an immersive experience like no other. The commercial brings the point home as the closing sequences see another gamer fall out of the sky with a headset in hand and go to grab a sword to join the game.

PlayStation VR is Sony’s take on virtual reality gaming and released years back, which has its own hefty library of exclusive titles including Until Dawn Rush of Blood and PlayStation VR World to name a few.

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PlayStation VR is currently available to purchase now.

Source: PlayStation Youtube