Anthem Update 1.50 Brings New Content and Performs General Stability Improvements

EA aren’t giving up on Anthem that easy. The studio released update 1.5 on all platforms, adding new features, performing numerous bug fixes and stability improvements.

The update’s highlights are the new features it brings to Anthem, including the new Season of Skulls Freeplay events, where players have the chance to obtain exclusive loot once they win the boss encounter.

  • The Cataclysm is back with updates for the Season of Skulls. The higher your score, the more seasonal currency you’ll be awarded to spend at the seasonal store.
  • New Season of Skulls Freeplay events. Successfully finish three of these events in one Freeplay session to spawn a boss encounter.
  • Learn more about Season of Skulls lore through a scavenger hunt and new data archives.
  • Mass Salvage is now available on all inventory management screens.
  • The chance to obtain a legendary item from a war chest has increased by 250%
  • A Legendary-Only War Chest has been added to the Seasonal Store

Anthem is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The update also performs numerous bug fixes, gun balancing and stability improvements. If you are curious to read the patch notes and get into the specific changes for every gun, check the link below.

[Source: EA]