Sea of Thieves ‘Fort of the Damned’ Content Update is Live

It is time for Rare’s monthly content update for their pirate-themed multiplayer, Sea of Thieves. The title received “Dark Relics” last month, and now players can sink their teeth into Fort of the Damned.

As the name suggests, the Fort of the Damned content update challenges players embark on a quest to send the ” sinister skeletal defenders to oblivion.” The quest offers valuable loot as well as exclusive cosmetic items for accomplishing certain tasks, such as beating the Fort ten times and defeating all six types of Shadow of Fate. Here are the update’s highlights.

Frightfully Fortified

The dead have dug themselves in at Old Boot Fort, now better known as the Fort of the Damned! Using a Ritual Skull and the six coloured lights of the Flames of Fate – obtained by being sent to the Ferry of the Damned in various fatal ways – pirates can wake the Fort and set about sending its sinister skeletal defenders to oblivion. Riches are sure to lie within! Savvy pirates should talk to Stitcher Jim for more information. He’s likely to be found scouting out the Fort from a nearby island.

Shadows And Skulls

Attacking the Fort of the Damned won’t be easy, as it’s defended by Shadow of Fate Skeletons – a new kind of Shadow Skeleton whose sole weakness is a matching flame from the Ferry of the Damned! Organisation and co-operation will be vital as pirates form Alliances to combat this epic threat. If you’re short on Ritual Skulls to sacrifice in the Fort, Duke has your back with Voyages that lead to guaranteed Skulls, either from scrapping with skellies or tracking down hidden stashes.

Face Of The Damned

Victory against the daunting Fort of the Damned is rewarded by valuable loot, and you can also earn unique cosmetics to celebrate the Ferryman! Should you or your crew awaken the Fort, you’ll earn face paint reminiscent of the ghostly steersman himself. Awaken and overthrow the Fort 10 times to earn his tattered jacket! Lastly, defeat all six types of Shadow of Fate to earn the Ferryman’s lantern and really complete that ‘tormented gatekeeper’ look.

Banjo In Sea Of Thieves?

Pirates never let a little organised assault by walking skeletons spoil their day! Keep your chin up with a burst of banjo music as this brand new instrument arrives on the Sea of Thieves. This permanent addition to the game will be free for all players and can be selected from the radial just like any other instrument. Find more cosmetics in the Equipment shop and pluck a pleasant tune for your crewmates.

That is not all. There is even more content added to Sea of Thieves than the aforementioned above at the link below. Let us know what you think of the title’s latest content update. How are you enjoying the new quests?

[Source: Sea of Thieves]