Marvel’s Avengers Dev: ‘We Don’t Want People to Ever Get Bored or to Run Out of Stuff to Do’

Crystal Dynamics have an uphill battle to go through to live up to Marvel’s Avengers franchise fans but they are confident in delivering a quality and impressive video game adaptation.

Studio Head Scot Amos was recently featured in an interview where he revealed the studio wants people to never lose interest in Marvel’s Avengers world and not have anything to do or accomplish. He continued to discuss how Crystal Dynamics will make use of their mistakes from previous titles in developing Avengers.

We don’t want people to ever get bored or to run out of stuff to do.

We’ve learned from a lot of very, very good products out there of what does or doesn’t work, and how quickly these amazing players who are particular fanatics can consume content. So how do we do this in a way that’s smart, and keeps them engaged, and rewards them for their time? That’s actually the biggest thing for us. If you want to play more, we want to give you more stuff to do.

Marvel’s Avengers releases next year on May 15th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Do you think Crystal Dynamics will live up to fans’ expectations?

[Source: Gamespot]