Naughty Dog Confirms No Online for The Last of Us Part II; Teases Potential Multiplayer Title

Naughty Dog recently raised the hype and excitement levels to new heights with the latest gameplay snippets and bits of actions we got to see of The Last of Us Part II. Many wondered whether the original game’s multiplayer mode, called Factions at the time, was going to make a comeback or if the title features any online mode of sorts. Well, unfortunately it doesn’t.

Naughty Dog took to Twitter and their various social outlets to release a statement clarifying the development team’s main direction to make sure they deliver a stellar and complex follow-up to The Last of Us. The resources and manpower was needed in the single-player and so they decided to ditch it. However, the statement continues to tease a future potential multiplayer title from the studio, known for their record-breaking single-player titles such as The Last of Us and Uncharted. The latter has an online mode but still doesn’t reach its full potential.

The Last of Us 2 releases exclusively on PS4 on February 21, 2020.

[Source: Twitter]