Bungie Director Clarifies False Accusations Against Activision Affecting Development Decisions

Earlier in 2019, major news broke out of Bungie parting ways with Activision, all while keeping one of their biggest IP, Destiny. This caused a little speculation on whether the reason behind it was for Bungie to get away from Activision’s grasp on their creative freedom.

Bungie Communications Director David Dague was recently featured in an interview with Eurogamer, where he clarified the entire situation and wanted to “dispel the notion Activision was some prohibitive overlord” who stopped them from letting their imaginations run wild.

I think we need to dispel the notion Activision was some prohibitive overlord that wasn’t letting us do awesome things. We launched this franchise with Activision, naturally and over the course of time we both decided we had different goals for what we wanted it to be, so we both went our separate ways. It was amicable, and here we are making this game on our own, doing what we think we need to do to make it awesome.

Day to day on the development side, things aren’t that different, really. It’s at places like Gamescom where we come into contact with our publishing team, our new Bungie teammates in foreign markets working on Destiny, where we’re still wrapping our arms around this global community. But in terms of the decision making, our creative leads are still calling the shots like they always were on what they want the game to be.

We want to make the best game we can make and the longer we make it the better we understand the people who play it. So if Bungie seems different these days it’s in us gaining a better understanding of what Destiny is, why it’s valuable to players and where we want to take it.

Destiny 2 is available on all platforms. Let us know what you think of Activision and the way they handle the studios under their portfolio and their respective game development direction.

[Source: Eurogamer]