Crytek Reveal New TESLASUIT Full-Body Haptics Technology Added to CryEngine

Crytek’s CryEngine is one of the strongest game development engines within the industry, and it just got stronger.

Crytek announced today the integration of TESLASUIT‘s full-body haptic feedback alongside special physical sensors, allowing to capture accurate body temperatures. Director of CRYENGINE Enterprise Solutions Pascal Tonecker explained further how this will push Crytek’s engine forward.

We have followed the success story of TESLASUIT for some time, and we are convinced that this technology will lift professional immersive applications, both in VR and AR, to a whole new level. With this integration, we continue to offer our licensees the very best technology on the market.

CRO of TESLASUIT Dimitri Mikhalchuk shared Tonecker’s excitement for what is to come out of their partnership.

CRYENGINE is known for its unrivaled visual fidelity, and it is a proven VR technology. In combination with TESLASUIT, we can create the most immersive environments yet, and this is what makes this partnership so valuable for us.

Technology is progressing at a scary pace, and every small step benefits the gaming industry greatly.

[Source: press release]