Former Halo Creator’s FPS Disintegration Campaign Lasts ‘Minimum 10-12 Hours’

A few weeks ago, former Halo developers newly formed studio, V1 Interactive, revealed their upcoming sci-fi shooter, Disintegration.

Marcus Lehto was featured in an interview where he talks on Private Division’s initial feedback on Disintegration’s pitch, the title’s original scope, and the campaign’s length. Originally, the development team planned for four to six hours of gameplay, but currently, the campaign sits at “13 missions, and probably a minimum ten- to 12-hour campaign.”

When we pitched to Private Division, we knew we were building a game with a smaller form factor. We were saying four to six hours. Well, now we have 13 missions, and probably a minimum ten- to 12-hour campaign for your average player. The multiplayer side of things has grown considerably too. The game has grown in scope, and some of that’s just because we can’t help ourselves: we love making this game. But we also understand that in order to really make a satisfying experience, to tell the story we want to tell, and to deliver on the multiplayer side, we need to give the player enough breadth and depth to make it worthwhile in the first place.

We will update you once a release date and a list of supported platforms is announced. Meanwhile, check out Disintegration’s announcement trailer.

[Source: EDGE October issue via WCCFTech]