Private Division Backs Out of Publishing Darkborn

For those of you who don’t remember, Darkborn was revealed at the Game Developers Conference back in March. The title immediately drew attention from the gaming community as it puts players in the shoes of a monster protecting his group from tyrant vikings.

Recently, Take-Two’s publishing label, Private Division, announced they are backing away from publishing the title. Apparently, this was agreed on since the end of last year, but they continued to support the development team financially for several months.

Private Division ended our publishing agreement with The Outsiders at the end of last year. We supported the studio financially for several months after ending the deal, and we wish David Goldfarb and the rest of the talented team the very best with the game and their future endeavor.

We hope everything works out for Darkborn and its development team. We will update you whenever it has a release date. For now, you can check out the gameplay shared during its reveal.

[Source: Gamespot]