Empire of Sin Dev Talks Empire Management, Game Length, and More

Romero Games and Paradox Interactive’s Empire of Sin allows players to build their empire how they see fit to rule 1920s Chicago, but how free are you really?

Game Designer Ian O’Neill and studio founder John Romero were featured in a recent interview, and went into more detail regarding the different methods and routes players can take to reach the top of the criminal world.

To become the King or Queen of Chicago. That’s it. That’s your goal. How you go about that is all down to you and what type of strategy you want to employ. You can go in guns blazing or take a step back and try your hand at diplomatic relations with the other factions. But there’s only ever one person at the top.

Moreover, they clarified how long a regular playthrough lasts all depends on how many neighbourhoods the player chooses to invest themselves in, and their will to fight for power against other bosses.

The games starting state is customisable and can be setup in a lot of different ways to allow for different play times. Want a long game? Pick maybe five or six neighborhoods and then pick some AI bosses to fight against. Want a short game? Setup your game for one neighborhood and maybe just one or two bosses to fight against.

Empire of Sin comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC later in Spring 2020. Let us know if you are keeping the title on your watch-list for next year.

[Source: WCCFTech]