A Way Out Dev and Creator Josef Fares Teases Next Title; ‘Insane Game Mechanically’

Cooperative games are hard to come by, but Josef Fares, the director and founder of Hazelight Studios, knows what it takes to produce one. The studio already has A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons under its belt, and already working on its next title.

However, Fares confirmed in a recent interview with VG24/7 that it is not A Way Out’s sequel. Instead, it is a game filled with impressive mechanics and exploring the potential of multiplayer story games.

What I can say is it’s not A Way Out 2, But if you look at Brothers, A Way Out, and the next game, you will see it’s the same studio that makes the game. But it will be something completely, totally different and it will be way more focused on trying to make the mechanics a part of the game. […] I believe there’s a lot of potential in telling great stories for more than one person. If you look at the movies today, when we look at them we look at them together, we experience stories together. I believe that multiplayer story games are underestimated – there’s a lot of potential there that I’d like to explore.

The next game is going to an insane game mechanically. It’s going to be, oh my god, there’s so much mechanics – it’s impossible to get tired of it. You will be like ‘What the fuck? What, what, what?’ It’s going to be like that. You’re going to get fucked every 30 minutes. It’s not a sex game but you’re going to get fucked, trust me.

At the time of A Way Out’s release, we were extremely fond of Fares’ creation of a proper co-op game, even allowing players who didn’t have the game to play with you. The game offered a truly compelling story with lots of twists and turns and we don’t expect any less from Fares’ upcoming title, whatever it is.

[Source: VG247]