Hitman 2 Receives First Major Content DLC; Features a Bank in New York

Hitman 2 is undeniably a worthy sequel for the hired assassin franchise from IO Interactive, and it keeps getting better. The game recently received the New York DLC, adding a high-tech security bank that will give even the most veteran players a run for their money.

Of course, the DLC content brings new achievements for players to aim for and new equipment to unlock through mastering the level. Here is a brief description of the new mission and its features.

When Agent 47 arrives at the bank, he’ll have two objectives to complete in order to call his mission a success. The Golden Handshake mission objectives are:
Eliminate Athena Savalas
Obtain Data (Retrieve Vault Data Core or Backup Data Disks)
Athena Savalas:
The Director of the New York branch of the banking division of financial giant Milton-Fitzpatrick, Miss Savalas is an extremely hard-working, entirely unscrupulous woman who gave up everything personal to succeed in her life as a high-tier banker. An heir to a logistics empire, Athena Savalas entered the male-dominated banking system fresh out of business school. She quickly learned that to succeed, she would need to transform herself entirely from the classic businesswoman she’d been bred to become.
She’s an expert at finding loopholes, exploiting tax rules and laundering money for criminals and has been involved in numerous tax evasion schemes, which have earned her multiple “Banker of the Year” awards in the last decade. Rumors of wanton gambling with client money and the bank’s finances are beginning to catch up to her and with the board of directors looking for a new CEO of Milton-Fitzpatrick, Savalas is eagerly covering her tracks, using any means necessary.

Hitman 2’s New York DLC is live, and available for download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the new location’s trailer below.