John Wick Hex Dev: Title Originally Was Turn-Based; It Felt Slow and Deliberate

John Wick Hex was one of the pleasant indie surprises of E3, considering Keanu Reeves stunning appearance during Cyberpunk 2077’s display.

The unique strategy title, developed by Bithell Games, was originally a turn-based game, but the development team realised it wasn’t the right genre. Studio Head Mike Bithell and Lead Programmer Nic Tringali sat down with DualShockers during E3 2019, and explained the decision behind turning John Wick Hex into what we saw.

It was XCOM with one character and it sucked. It was the worst version of what you imagine when you think of a John Wick strategy game. It was slow, it was deliberate, and you’d do your move and then you’d watch as five guys would just take turns to shoot John.

It doesn’t really feel right even though all the moves are there, the look is there…it doesn’t feel suited to what’s going on in the movies. So [we] pulled that out and went ‘ok, you have actions and it’s all on this timeline system.’ The most important thing is everyone is always doing something while you’re doing it…so that’s the fast-paced action of it…While the whole game will stop and pause and let you do your own thing, as soon as you hit go again, it’s full speed.

John Wick Hex is expected to arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, however, a release date is yet to get revealed.

[Source: DualShockers]