Did GameStop Just Leak New Splinter Cell Game Prior To E3?

Ubisoft has a wide range of video game IPs to pick up and develop for at any given moment. However, some of those franchises end up being shelved for years leaving real anticipation for a new installment announcement. For instance, we have the Splinter Cell franchise that has not seen a new video game title in its series since 2013 so it’s clearly a series that could be picked up and revealed during one of the biggest video game expos of the year. Thanks to a catch online, it appears that GameStop may have made a listing too soon which could reveal a new title will be unveiled.

The listing online which was spotted and reported by Wario64 on Twitter was replica goggles that the main protagonist sports throughout the series. However, this listing was taken down so it seems that perhaps the company was a bit too early for the product to be announced. What also gives this title a bit of credit is that the goggles also unveils that they are E3 collectible. This could be one of the biggest video game titles unveil from Ubisoft’s E3 press conference and its one that’s been brought up online this past year.

If you can recall last month there was a supposed fake tweet from the Ubisoft team about a new Splinter Cell video game. Furthermore, the Ubisoft CEO also spoke about the franchise back in April as he explained why the game laid dormant for several years now. At any rate, this could finally be the right moment to bring the series back in perhaps a reboot. The real question is if this game will end up being a next-generation title or not.

Source: Twitter