Rage 2 Dev Details First Update; Fixes Audio, Adds Mouse Options and More

Developer id Software and publisher Bethesda Softworks are gearing up to release Rage 2’s first update since its May 14th launch.

The studio thanked their fans for their support throughout the past month, and for continuously reporting feedback and spotting issues around Rage 2’s world. The update fixes several areas, mainly audio, crashes, and when players received second place in races even though they won it. There are other additions, including new mouse control options and new AMD sharpness algorithm.

We wanted to take a minute to cover just some of the reported issues we are working to address:

Audio fixes, such as NPC audio dips 
Menu optimizations (reduction in latency)
Several crash fixes
Racing bug issues, including finishing in 1st place but receiving 2nd place (how rude!)
Reducing the amount of Wasteland Wizard locations (from 15 to 3!)
A dialog prompt issue with Kvasir 
Mouse acceleration/smoothing options
New AMD sharpness algorithm for all platforms (to address “blurry” complaints)
Nicholas Raine armor fix

Again, this is just some of what we’re addressing in our first game update. We will be providing a full list of patch notes as we get closer to finalizing everything that will be included in the update. 

Rage 2 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Steam]