SCUM Dev Doesn’t Rule Out Console Port

There are few multiplayer survival titles on the market with compelling mechanics and an attractive setting, but luckily, SCUM fills that void. Developer Gamepires’ title officially joined Steam’s Early Access program in August 2018.

SCUM is scheduled for a full release some time later this year, and Gamepires’ Technical Director Andrej Levenski sat down with WCCFTech to answer a few questions. Levenski didn’t rule out a console port, however, the hardware limitations are an obstacle for the development team to overcome.

Yeah, definitely, we’ve already done some experiments on the consoles. And I’ll say I’m really surprised all is working nicely. First run on the console, I was afraid that we are pushing Unreal Engine to the limits. And it definitely is. But we had some kind of vision for how SCUM will look and what we would like to simulate in the world. And this definitely had an impact on the PC, and all consoles are pretty old hardware right now. If I compared it to current PCs, it’s probably around 10 times slower. So it’s very hard to achieve something good. But with Unreal Engine, it wasn’t that hard just to just have a base version running. And we have had very good results, I was actually expecting like one or two FPS on consoles, but we already have, like 30 FPS. So I think we can even push that further.

SCUM is available through Steam’s Early Access on PC.

[Source: WCCFTech]