CD Projekt RED Founders Comment on Recent Crunch Culture in Companies; ‘We Want to be More Humane’

CD Projekt RED, well known for their outstanding work on The Witcher franchise as well as one of the most anticipated titles, Cyberpunk 2077, has a small number of employees. Considering the quality of the content coming out of the studio, it is possible to think the studio works its employees to the ground, but they don’t.

CD Projekt founders Red’s Marcin Iwiński and Adam Badowski voiced their opinion on the recent crunch allegations against the likes of Epic Games and Rockstar in an interview with Kotaku, where they discussed their work policies and how they always want to treat their employees with respect and feature a “more humane” environment for them to work in.

We are known for treating gamers with respect. This is what we’ve been working hard toward. And I actually would [like] for us to also be known for treating developers with respect.

We’ve been communicating clearly to people that of course there are certain moments where we need to work harder — like I think the E3 demo is a pretty good example — but we want to be more humane and treat people with respect. If they need to take time off, they can take time off. Nobody will be frowned upon if this will be requested. […] Making this commitment, I hope it shows that we are treating this matter very seriously.

What are your thoughts on the recent claims against several big video game developers and publishers working their employees to the ground?

[Source:  Kotaku]