God of War Director on ‘Easy Mode’: Accessibility ‘Has Never and Will Never’ Compromise My Vision

Every time around the release of a FromSoftware game, the argument arises on whether or not challenging games should have an easy mode to allow players to experience the game as others do. Since the release of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, the discussion was brought up again, considering this is one of the most challenging and difficult FromSoftware games to date. Bosses have multiple stages, mini-bosses can beat you to death, and even normal enemies can hinder your progress.

However, several people within the industry see this as the studio’s way of delivering their message and vision of the game they want to make. Steve Spohn, COO of Able Gamers, an organization dedicated to making video games accessible to people with disabilities, commented on the situation on Twitter. According to Spohn, he refrained from calling it an “easy mode,” and preferred to label it an ‘equal” mode. God of War Director Cory Barlog replied to one of the tweets responding to Spohn, reaffirming that accessibility “has never and will never be a compromise to my vision.” Other developers share Barlog’s beliefs as well.

Let us know your thoughts on Cory’s statement and the whole Sekiro Shadows Die Twice argument.