Microsoft: We Don’t See Anything Better than Ryse, Forza 5 on Competing Platforms

Tech junkies can spend all day arguing whether or not PlayStation 4 games will look better or worse than Xbox One software this fall. Honestly, that dispute will probably last as long as the consoles themselves. However, Microsoft isn’t worried about which individual parts are faster or more accustomed to producing fewer bottlenecks. At the end of the day, it comes down to how each and every component of a particular console works in harmony, and in that sense, Microsoft is more than happy with the Xbox One.

Speaking with Rev3Games, Microsoft’s director of product planning, Albert Penello, confessed that he just doesn’t care so much about putting the two consoles’ specs side by side.

“The people that are speculating on this are not our hardware engineers, and we’re not Sony’s hardware engineers,” Penello said when asked about the Xbox One’s power. “I don’t believe that the difference between these two platforms is significant as comparing individual components.”

We keep hearing that the PS4 should, in theory, produce better looking games. But when Penello looks at what’s currently out there, nothing stands out on other platforms that tops a game like Forza 5.

“When I look at these games, I don’t see a difference,” he continued. “I look at games like Ryse, I look at Forza, and I don’t see anything better on a competing platform than what I’m seeing there.”  

Both consoles will launch this November, so the real test will just have to take place when the hardware’s out in the wild.