Capcom Marketing Director Explains How Monster Hunter World’s PC Version Benefited from Late Release; Second Biggest Platform

Monster Hunter World released back in January 2018 for consoles, with PC players receiving the title months later in August.

Capcom’s EMEA and UK Marketing Director Antoine Molant was recently featured in an interview with, in which he revealed that even with the delayed release date, PC is Monster Hunter World’s second biggest platform.

Without getting into details, it’s the second biggest one for Monster Hunter World amongst all platforms, therefore incredibly important.

He continued to explain that the delayed release date might have actually contributed to this happening. It gave the studio the chance to prepare for “promotion, PR, marketing,” specifically for the PC version.

It helped a lot boosting the overall performance

While we always try to treat our various audiences the same way, the Monster Hunter World console versions were the lead platforms, and PC had to be released at a later date. This actually helped as the PC version has had its own window for promotion, PR, marketing. Some countries like Germany or Russia also performed extremely well on the PC front. All of this really increased our success in Europe

Monster Hunter World is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Earlier in February, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s world crossed into the Monster Hunter universe to give players new quests, gear, and more.

[Source: PCGamesInsider]