Anthem Community Manager Reveals New Undocumented Patch Notes for Update 1.0.3

Earlier this week, BioWare’s Anthem received update 1.0.3, which made significant changes to respawn mechanics, eliminated common and uncommon loot drops for level 30 players, addressed reported audio issues, and performed multiple balance changes to weapons, enemies, and general stability improvements. Well, this wasn’t everything the update did.

Anthem Community Manager Jesse Anderson went to the game’s subreddit, and revealed further undocumented changes update 1.0.3 brought to the game. These include allowing players to apply colours to Ranger and Colossus’ launchers, as well as addressing some damage and value items bugs changing their values.

Masterwork Universal Components added in 1.0.3 – drop from GM1+

  • Symbiotic Surge – Increases javelin armor by a large amount. Increases all damage for a short duration when picking up a repair pack.

  • Softened Blows – Increases javelin shields by a large amount. Increases damage resistance for a short duration when shields run out.

  • Thermal Cooling – Increases the javelin’s heat capacity to allow the javelin to fly more effectively. Reduces time you stay overheated significantly.

  • Rejuvenating Ammo – Increases reserve ammo for all equipped guns. Replenishes armor by a small amount when picking up an ammo pack.

  • Emergency Power – An inscribed component that augments javelin Ultimate gear and increases damage. Ultimate meter refills instantly when armor is critically damaged.

Masterwork Embers from harvesting nodes – I checked with the team and this was indeed bugged. The team is working on getting a fix in tomorrow (March 12th). This will be a hotfix and won’t require any patch to download.

Other changes:

  • Colors now apply to launchers for the Ranger and Colossus javelins in the Forge.

  • Current values for daily, weekly and monthly challenges are intended. The values were different last month since Anthem launched on February 22nd and the team wanted players to be able to still be able to obtain the rewards that month.

The following items have values that were not intended and will be changed back in and upcoming patch. If you see any other items with decreased values it’s likely a bug since there were no nerfs in this update.

  • Special Arms damage component changed from 30% to 15%. (BUG)

  • Epic Special Arms Ammo Universal component changed from 30% to 15%. (BUG)

  • Truth of Tarsis crit multiplier changing. (BUG)

  • Winter’s Wrath (Ice Storm) ability damage is incorrect. (BUG)

  • Chaotic Rime (Ice Shards) damage is incorrect. (BUG)

  • Amulet of Winter damage reduced from 40% to 20%. (BUG)

  • Winter’s Wrath recharge was increased to 5 from 4. (BUG)

Anthem is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Let us know how

[Source: Reddit]