Turn 10 Plans on Getting Community Involved From Concept Phase in Next Forza Motorsport Development

Turn 10 Studios’ racing franchise, Forza, is definitely one of the biggest and best-selling racing video game series in the industry, and they take pride in delivering bigger and better entries. The studio decided it is time to start getting the fans more involved in earlier stages of Forza games development.

Turn 10 Creative Director Dan Greenawalt was featured in Forza’s Monthly podcast, where he discussed the usual timing where the community starts getting involved is “much later” into development. However, the studio plans to get their community involved with future entries development from the concept phase, improving slightly from their Forza Motorsport 7 approach where they held multiple livestreams,, and getting continuous feedback.

I’m kind of an old crocodile here, having worked on Midtown Madness, PGR and of course Forza Motorsport. I’ve seen the changes in the industry. There’s an old way that we did things. Concept phase, pre-production phase, production phase…It takes a certain amount of time and you don’t really involve the community until much later.

We’re trying to change it. I think you’ve seen it in this last year with Forza Motorsport 7 and trying to engaging the community more heaviliy with the livestreams, but it’s even changing how we do the concept process itself. Interviewing players, getting involved in Skype, I think this new process is awesome, but it’s a change and it’s something we’ve been learning how to do better.

We want the ideas from the fans. We’re talking about entering a new phase, how do we involve fans from concept? It’s not just features, it needs to go beyond that. We need to have better collaboration between all the developers, all the workers, and it needs to go beyond just the forums and an idea here and there. It needs to be like ‘What’s your core motivation? Why do you play? What do you like in other games?’

[…] What we’re saying very specifically is that Forza Motorsport 7 has had a strong amount of support from the team, and we’re going to be shifting our weight. So there’s still updates to come. You heard about Forza Race Regulations and we’re going to be coming out with a private and then public beta and then rolling that out; you know, we’re not done with eSports, that’s an exciting part to us as well so we’re going to be doing updates on that in the future. And of course we’re going to be doing other updates to the game. But the weight of the team is shifting over to our next project. So we’re getting into that concept phase.

Forza Horizon 4 released October 2nd last year for PC and Xbox One. What do you think of Turn 10’s efforts to listen more to their fans?

[Source: YouTube Podcast via WCCFTech]