Shenmue III Director Talks More on Ryo Hazuki’s Character Development and How Players Actions Influence Relationship with Shenhua

Ys Net’s long awaited third entry in the Shenmue franchise is just around the corner with a few months to go. Shenmue III comes almost eighteen years after the release of Shenmue II, which explains the hype and excitement around, not to mention its extremely successful Kickstarter campaign at the time.

Director, Producer and Writer Yu Suzuki was recently featured in EDGE’s April issue, where he discussed Ryo’s character development over the years, and how interacting with Bailu’s residents will contribute to shaping his personality. Not only that, he even mentioned how his interactions with Shenhua will affect their relationship. Simply put, “the more you speak with Shenhua, the closer your relationship grows.”

Since only a month or two has passed since Shenmue II, there haven’t been any drastic changes to Ryo’s character. But visiting this foreign country and interacting with the villagers of Bailu will contribute to his growth. With his pathos and distinctive personality, good old Ryo, the most oblivious man in the world, is still the same as ever.

Shenhua was raised in the countryside, surrounded by nature and the freedom that provides, while Ryo is the exact opposite, having been raised in the city. I really hope that players will be able to enjoy the funny and interesting conversations and viewpoints rising from the differences in values and environment between the two characters.

The more you speak with Shenhua, the closer your relationship grows, and the more her attitude and expressions change. I hope to be able to express the small, subtle changes in everyday life and interactions.

Back in August 2017, the studio revealed the title will feel 70% like the original title. Shenmue III releases on August 27th for PS4 and PC.

[Source: EDGE magazine via WCCFTech]