Power League Gaming Continues Its PLG Academy University Tour to Train Potential Fortnite and Apex Legends Pro Players

Power League Gaming, or PLG for short, continued its quest in looking for the best university Fortnite and Apex Legends players in the United Arab Emirates to help them reach their true potential and hone their skills. Yesterday marked their first live training session for their third university, American University of Sharjah. They spent over the last month or so, organizing tournaments and discovering hidden talents in different universities.

PLG’s PLG Academy initiative revolves around recognizing players with enough talent to take the next step towards professional esports, and train them on all the aspects needed to succeed. Towards the end of April, after gathering enough individuals and teams from various universities, they will participate in the “University League,” where each of them will represent their respective university and fight for glory. Not only that, the program doesn’t restrict itself to training them specifically towards professional tournaments. It offers them the opportunity to pursue other careers in esports, teaching them on what it takes to be involved in an esports organization.

PLG extend a fresh innovative program into Universities offering students two paths into eSports, both from a player perspective and through a series of informative educational seminars and panels that expose talented individuals to the broader world of eSports as a business and potential career path.
The University League will offer students a chance to represent their University against other competing undergraduates for the first time. We will be offering individuals not just teams a chance to shine so register now if you have the skill to be a future pro gamer. The Boot Camp will give those students that have a passion for gaming and esports a deeper understanding of how they can pursue a career in many different aspects of the industry, from operations, to planning, marketing and media, through to design and production, whether they have the skills or not as a player there is no limitation.
Power League Gaming’s efforts and contributions to the Middle Eastern scene can hardly go unnoticed. We wish all those who qualified the best of luck.
[Source: PLG]