Unique Story-Driven Adventure Tech Support: Error Unknown is Officially Out

Every once in a while we get an indie gem, a game that truly draws you in for its compelling story and/or human interaction. Games like Papers Please! and Hacknet question the players’ morality, and pushes them to the edge of do they want to be the hero or live a normal peaceful life with a regular pay and routine work. Well, Tech Support: Error Unknown is the latest addition to that list.

For those of you who don’t know the game, Tech Support: Error Unknown comes from publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Dragon Slumber. You are put in the shoes of a newly hired IT customer service who has to solve people’s phone problems. It doesn’t stop there of course, you find out the company you are working for are involved in dangerous and illegal activities. What will you do?

Tech Support: Error Unknown is a unique adventure game that recruits players as new-starters in the IT department of a large high-tech corporation. From a virtual desktop interface, you’ll chat with customers and colleagues via an organic procedural dialogue system, solving puzzles and making discoveries and decisions that radically affect the branching narrative. Will you serve the company, or sabotage it from within? The choice is yours.

Dragon Slumber’s Game developer Kevin Giguère expressed his excitement and happiness towards the players and critics’ positive response so far. He continued to mention some of the awards the game managed to pick up leading to this moment.

I am particularly proud of Tech Support, and the overwhelmingly positive response to the demo by the players has been wonderful. I’m confident that the full game will keep players coming back for more, and am excited to deliver exactly that in the coming weeks. It was awarded Best Indie Pitch at MIGS 2018 and players’ response to the demo has been overwhelmingly positive. I am confident that the full release will keep you on the tips of your toes.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder shared Giguère’s views, and even described Tech Support: Error Unknown as “one of the smartest games that Iceberg is presenting this year.”

Tech Support is one of the smartest games that Iceberg is presenting this year. With numerous references to contemporary issues of privacy and ethics, Tech Support will hopefully speak to the players that seek an intriguing, challenging experience.

Tech Support: Error Unknown is currently available through Steam.

[Source: press release]