Marvel’s Spider-Man Dev Wasn’t Sure About the Right Amount of Humour Needed to Balance the Storyline’s Tone


Marvel’s Spider-Man was definitely one of the best exclusive titles to release in a long time, delivering an absolute spot-on superhero experience, and capturing the web-slinger’s witty one-liners and sense of humour in the most inappropriate moments perfectly.

During this week’s D.I.C.E. Summit 2019, a special kind of interview took place, with Insomniac Games’ CEO himself, Ted Price, interviewing Creative Director Bryan Intihar regarding how the writing team did their best to incorporate the humour Spider-Man is popular for. He mentioned there were several concerns if it was “funny enough,” but they managed to reach what they intended in the end.

When the story was still not totally there, I think there were concerns about ‘was the story gonna be funny enough?’ And do we have to add more humor? We knew more was coming, it just wasn’t in the game yet, and I said ’no, we’re gonna be totally fine’.

We had the story we wanted, then some things weren’t there, but we actually went back and did some reshoots, and we actually found moments that were already in the game where we could literally just add a 15-second sequence to the end of a certain scene, or something at the beginning. That helped at the end of the day.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is already available exclusively on PS4, Now is the perfect time to pick up the title, especially after Sony officially dropped the price of both, Detroit: Become Human and Spider-Man.

[Source: YouTube via WCCFTech]