Ashen Dev Praises Xbox Game Pass Features; ‘It’s a Double-Edged Sword’ for Smaller Indies

Earlier in February, The Outer Worlds’ publisher Private Division head Michael Worosz recently discussed the importance of growing Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service if they want to go after further acquisitions of small promising studios.

Aurora44 CEO Derek Bradley, the studio behind Ashen, recently featured in an interview, where he discussed the benefits of being part of the Xbox Game Pass, and how it helped them reach a wider player pool while building a community around your game.

There are certain games that really make a lot of sense for early access, and certain games that make a lot of sense for free-to-play, but I would say more than anything Ashen really makes a lot of sense for a Game Pass release.

We want that healthy player base so that the pool of players that are getting collated in the background and matched into your game is as rich as possible.

The friction for getting into Game Pass is so low. We’re a new developer making a fairly ambitious thing, and we really need that community for the game to thrive, and Game Pass really made that happen. We’ve had a very very smooth transition into a Game Pass kind of model.

Later in the interview, he clarified how the Xbox Game Pass program can still be a “double-edged sword, especially for smaller indies that haven’t necessarily proved themselves.” It definitely might take away from their creative freedom or discourage them if the feedback isn’t great.

It’s going to be a double-edged sword, especially for smaller indies that haven’t necessarily proved themselves. It’s going to be some tricky waters for the smallest indies, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how the different platforms tackle the same problems.

Ashen is exclusively available on PC and Xbox One late last year, and received mostly favourable from critics and fans alike.

[Source: The Sydney Morning Herald]