Private Division Head Believes Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Growth is Key to Future Acquisitions

Private Divsion was originally created by Take-Two to help indie developers with unique high-quality titles to reach a wider audience, and publish their games. The publisher is currently working with Obsidian Entertainment on their sci-fi RPG, The Outer Worlds, and so far, the relationship seems strong. Obsidian’s Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky praised the publisher’s QA team for helping them really polish their game, and iron out any issues. Private Divsion also has other studios under its belt.

Earlier in November last year, Microsoft acquired the studio, seeing its potential in the market and its talented individuals. Private Division head Michael Worosz was recently featured in an interview with MCVUK, where he briefly gave his opinion on what Microsoft should focus on to convince future acquisitions they are better off being under the industry giant’s portfolio. He specified that Xbox Game Pass growth is essential to draw in more indie developers and publishers, and even then, some of them clearly would still want to stay independent “to be able to control their own destiny.”

Right now it seems clear that Microsoft is trying to accrue value to their Game Pass value proposition, by having uniquely available content there. I think that makes sense to a degree, I think they’re going to have to demonstrate Game Pass’s growth over time to be able to continue to do acquisitions like this, and if it does work for them, then I can see them doing more acquisitions to build out exclusive content.

Certain developers want to to be independent for that reason, they’ve worked at larger companies and want to be able to control their own destiny to a larger degree, they want more creative freedom. Having a larger corporate parent, particularly one with a trillion dollar market cap like Microsoft, sometimes gets in the way.

What do you think of Worosz’s statement? Is Microsoft’s Game Pass growth essential to convince future acquisitions? Let us know what you think.

[Source: MCVUK]