Rare Studio Clarifies Sea of Thieves Optional Crossplay Statement and How it Will Work

A couple of days ago, Sea of Thieves’ studio, Rare, revealed they will offer players to turn crossplay on and off before the PvP Arena mode drops. This is mainly done to ensure a level and fair playing field in a multiplayer environment, where everyone is on the same platform and using the same type of controller.

However, there was some confusion amongst the community, and some raised their concerns on how it will affect the way the regular game is played, not just the upcoming PvP Arena mode. Rare studio head Craig Duncan addressed these concerns in a string of tweets, and clarified how the entire system will work, while still maintaining the crossplay experience Sea of Thieves’ fans enjoy today.

1.“We aren’t removing crossplay; we are adding an option for console players using controller to opt out of crossplay if they choose. We expect most players, especially in Adventure, to still play using crossplay, but this is important option to add with The Arena coming.”

2.“The crossplay option is not coming in the February update, see Joe’s last dev update for more info, the team is working now on implementation of the option settings & our goal is to have this in & tested prior to The Arena.”

3.“Servers will still have the same density they do today as we spin up Azure servers as players join & backfill new crews into live servers. Our server density is architected to not be affected by the size of our player pop, but to vary the player encounter frequency & stories.”

4.“Our player population is super healthy on both PC and Xbox & has been since launch. While we don’t tweet usage data reactively, we will figure out how we share more stats on this soon to give context why players don’t need to worry about our live player or platform populations.”

Sea of Thieves releases on Xbox One and PC. In other news, Rare Games declared before they will never charge their players for content expansions.

[Source: Twitter]