Phoenicia and the Ottomans Empires Revealed for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Expansion; New Features Explained

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm marks the game’s second major expansion since its release back in 2016, following the first major expansion, Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, which released around the same time last year.

Firaxis Games revealed two more civilizations featured in the upcoming expansion, Phoenicia led by Dido and the Ottomans led by Suleiman. First off, the Ottomans were one of the biggest and most powerful civilizations historically, conquering numerous nations, and influencing the Middle Eastern region as well as other places around the world. They were known for their military power, in addition to their amazing architecture which stood the test of time. Here is more information on the Ottomans’ unique ability, buildings, units, and more.

Suleiman Unique Ability – Grand Vizier

This ability unlocks Ibrahim, a new Governor available only to Suleiman. Ibrahim has his own unique promotion tree and is the only Governor you can establish in another civilization.

Suleiman Unique Unit – Janissary

Replaces the Musketman unit and is stronger and cheaper to build, but consumes a Population point in the city in which it is trained – unless it is a conquered city. The Janissary also starts with a free Promotion.

Unique Building – Grand Bazaar

Replaces the Bank in the Commercial Hub. Adds additional Amenities and Strategic Resources available in the city.

Unique Unit – Barbary Corsair

This naval raider unit replaces the Privateer and is available earlier in the game. Coastal raids do not incur movement cost.

Ottoman Unique Ability – Great Turkish Bombard

Not only are siege units much faster to produce, but they also receive boosts to Combat Strength. In addition, conquered cities do not lose population, and they benefit from Amenity and Loyalty bonuses while under Ottoman control.

Secondly, Dido represents the Phoenician empire. The Phoenicia civilization was known for their excellent trading skills, and few roamed the sea better than they could. They were established in modern-day Lebanon. Here is a similar list to the one introduced above for the Ottomans.

Dido Unique Ability – Founder Of Carthage

Allows Phoenicia to move its capital to a city with a Cothon by completing a unique project in that city. Unlocks additional trade route capacity with the construction of a Government Plaza district and subsequent Government Plaza buildings. Increased Production toward districts in the city with the Government Plaza.

Unique Ability – Mediterranean Colonies

Unlocks Writing technology Eureka at the start of the game. Coastal cities founded by Phoenicia on the same continent as its capital are 100% loyal. Settlers have additional movement and sight range while embarked, and ignore additional movement costs associated with embarking and disembarking.

Unique District – Cothon

Naval district that replaces the Harbor and is cheaper to build. Must be on Coast or Lake Terrain adjacent to land. Increases Production toward naval units and Settlers in the city. All naval units in this city’s borders heal completely in one turn.

Unique Unit – Bireme

Ancient era naval unit that replaces the Galley. Has increased combat strength and movement, and friendly Trader units are immune to being plundered if on a water tile and within four tiles of a Bireme.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion releases on February 14th, priced at $30. The expansion brings a total of new nine new leaders representing eight different and unique civilizations.

[Source: Official press release]