Sea of Thieves’ Crossplay Feature Will be Optional Before PvP Arena Mode’s Addition

Rare’s Sea of Thieves crossplay feature allows players to play with each other from different platforms, and share the experience together. However, the game is soon getting a PvP Arena mode, and the studio wants to make sure the mode offers a level playing field even with the existence of crossplay.

The latest developer update video showcased how Rare wants to handle crossplay when the PvP mode drops. After discussions with the development team, the studio decided to offer players the option to turn crossplay on and off when entering PvP, and even when it is on, it will match players with the same platform and controller together. Rare previously mentioned they wanted to offer Sea of Thieves’ players a chance to play the competitive Arena mode early in 2019, to gain feedback and proceed accordingly.

Obviously, Sea of Thieves is a crossplay title and we love what this brings to the game itself. We love that people on PC and console can play together. It brings so many benefits, but we’ve also been listening to feedback from our players, especially with Arena on the horizon, and that everybody feels they have the option of a level playing field.

We’ve been discussing this at length internally and we’ve arrived at a solution and we are starting work on the implementation. We want to make sure to give that option before Arena arrives. If you’re playing on console and you’re using a controller, you’ll have the option to only matchmake with other players on console using a controller.

There will be two pools and you’ll be able to change that option depending on who you want to play with, your circumstances at the time…

We’ve heard a lot of feedback around this, we’ve talked about it a lot and we definitely believe this is the right approach especially with that competitive mode coming. Once we do implement this, the option will be available whether you’re going into Adventure mode or into Arena, so it will be available across the entire game.

We will be supporting mouse and keyboard on console. If you decided to use mouse and keyboard on console, you’ll automatically be put into the crossplay pool.

Sea of Thieves releases on Xbox One and PC. In other news, Rare Games declared before they will never charge their players for content expansions.

[Source: YouTube via WCCFTech]