BioWare Dev Explains How Anthem Players from Different Levels Can Play Together

Anthem enjoyed its VIP Access demo over the past weekend, even with all the technical, connectivity and performance nightmares players had to go through, BioWare wrote it off as a successful trial. The game indeed managed to register some impressive numbers on streaming and video platforms.

Anthem producer Scylla Costa was recently featured in an interview with WCCFTech, where he responded to several questions regarding the game’s length, development challenges, frames-per-second on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, and a lot more. One of the more interesting questions answered was how the studio designed matchmaking and balanced the game’s multiplayer experience well enough for players from different levels to play together without restrictions or feeling left behind because of lesser gear than their friends.

That was a big challenge for us, because we wanted people to be playing with their friends regardless of their level. Basically, the way that the system works, is we balance the game if you’re level 1 and I’ve been playing for three weeks, so we can still have fun together. The damage your deal and take is relative to your level, so that we both can play together. Basically, the advantage for the higher-level player is that you’ll have more components. I have more gear, so I have more utility and I can do more stuff.

They’re balanced in a way that you’re going to have fun, I’m going to have fun, and it’s going to be challenging for both of us. The loot that you get is also separate, so your loot is different from the loot I get. You get loot that’s relative to your power level.

Anthem releases on February 22nd, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. BioWare revealed Anthem’s story choices “more personal.”  For now, you can check out the game’s latest trailer, showcasing cutscenes, story bits, and more.

[Source: WCCFTech]