AMD CEO Believes Consumers Don’t Realise Ray-Tracing’s Importance Today ‘Because the Other Parts of the Ecosystem Are Not Ready’

The CES 2019 provided developers and studios a platform to showcase their latest technological powers, and innovative features. AMD is enjoying a very productive CES, with several exciting announcements, including AMD’s new 3rd Generation Ryzen processors, Radeon VII graphics card, and partnering with Microsoft for their future platforms.

AMD CEO Lisa Su took center-stage in front of the press, and answered a few questions. One of the questions was regarding ray-tracing, an incredibly powerful visual technology showcased in various Battlefield V trailers and demos. She continued to reiterate the reason behind why ray-tracing is currently relatively under-appreciated by consumers is because “other parts of the ecosystem are not ready.”

I’m not going to get into a tit for tat, that’s just not my style. So I’ll tell you that. What I will say is ray tracing is an important technology. It’s one of the important technologies; there are lots of other important technologies and you will hear more about what we’re doing with ray tracing. You know, we certainly have a lot going on, both hardware and software, as we bring up that entire ecosystem.

I would say that we are deep into development and that development is concurrent between hardware and software. And so for us, it’s, you know, what is the consumer going to see? The consumer doesn’t see a lot of benefit today because the other parts of the ecosystem are not ready. I think by the time we talk more about ray tracing, the consumers will see that.

For now, Su didn’t provide a specific timeline for new ray-tracing announcement, or her opinion on when does she think the other parts will be ready to properly utilise the technology.

[Source: PC World]