Industry Veteran Yoko Taro Talks His Mind on Killing in Video Games; It Shines ‘Light on What’s Kind of Broken Within Humanity’

Industry veteran Yoko Taro, known for his outstanding work on Nier and Drakengard franchises, always has something interesting to say. Taro shared his opinion on killing on video games, a controversial topic for parents who for some reason still think violent video games and killing affect their children. He was recently featured in an interview with Game Informer, where he said he believes killing in video games sheds “light on what’s kind of broken within humanity or humans in general.”

I think the reasons why we kill in video games do kind of shine light on what’s kind of broken within humanity or humans in general. We want peace in the world, but we also enjoy killing others in video games, like shooting guns in video games. I think that’s karma in a sense for humans, the way that video games grasp the true essence of humanity, whether or not that’s what they were aiming to do.

Yoko Taro definitively has an interesting view on killing in video games. Do you agree with Taro’s views? Do you really think killing in video games serves a bigger purpose?

[Source: Game Informer]