Project CARS 3 Confirmed; in ‘Very Early Pre-Production’ Stage

Slightly Mad Studios’ realistic racing simulator franchise, Project CARS, is getting its third instalment.

Project CARS 2 originally released back in September 2017, and received favourable reviews after building upon its predecessor’s foundation and adding numerous new tracks, cars and intuitive features. Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell went to the GTPlanet forums to reveal ore details on how the studio will handle Project CARS 3 and the studio’s approach to the franchise’s third entry. For now, the game is still at “the design on paper stage,” so everything is subject to change throughout development. However, Slightly Mad Studios want to make it “more focused, more fun” and avoid repeating the “infinite balancing issues” they faced with the sequel as a result of trying to fit numerous variations of each track and car.

We’re still at the design on paper stage… This is very early pre-production.

I’ll let you know that Project CARS 3 will be more ‘focused’… More ‘fun’… We went to insane lengths with variation in pCARS2 and with that comes infinite balancing issues. We’ve learned a lesson here and although we have no intention of reducing content, we know what we need to fix, where we made design decisions that were, let’s call it, ‘sub-optimal’… Project CARS 3 will be more of a spiritual successor to Shift, but with all of the sim goodness everyone appreciates… The key focus though is on fun and not biting off more than we can properly chew and digest.

Absolutely not. It will be even more detailed. That’s why I mentioned that we won’t be losing any ‘sim goodness’… Real cars aren’t hard to drive.

It’s more ‘Shift’ in terms of us giving you less of a ‘sandbox’ and more of a fun game. Aside from that, we plan to really go to town on sim goodness…

We’re not ‘taking away the sandbox’… we’re just adding more of a structured fun game to the mix.

Project CARS 2’s Season pass holders got the Spirit of Le Mans expansion automatically once it dropped. On the other hand, non-season pass holders can purchase the DLC pack as a standalone for $9.99.

[Source: GTPlanet Forums]