Spider-Man’s Final Act Originally Was ‘Much Bigger;’

Marvel’s Spider-Man is definitely one of the biggest exclusives to release on PS4 since the console’s launch, and the ending didn’t spark a lot of controversy. However, the game’s final act should have been “much bigger.”

Insomniac Creative Director Bryan Intihar was recently featured in an interview with Gamespot, where he talked more about the process of choosing the perfect final act sequence to close off the storyline. Initially, the final act was “much bigger,” but the team realised there more quantity than quality. In addition to that, the Vulture and Electro fight was originally two separate fights. He continued discuss several ideas that popped up during the final act development.

If you look at the final act of the game, everything from the Raft mission into our third act, that was actually a much bigger act but we were just realizing that things weren’t clicking, looking at the quality bar. Originally, the Vulture fight and the Electro fight were supposed to be separate. They actually were supposed to be separate events. Then you’re like, ‘Alright, we’ve got to start cutting some stuff from the game.’

Someone had an idea, if we could combine the Electro and the Vulture into one boss fight, more of like an aerial boss fight. That’s when you just learn to trust the team. They got a feeling about something, you give them some time to go prove it. They just did a really quick version of putting those two characters together and it instantly felt better. Then when you get the iteration, the polish and all the bells and whistles with audio effects, it just becomes even better.

It’s funny, we originally always had the Scorpion and Rhino fight to be the dual fight.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is exclusively available on PlayStation 4. In other news, Community Manager James Stevenson voiced his opinion on how the game’s playerbase requested the Raimi suit.

[Source: Gamespot]