Insomniac Community Manager Speaks Out on Social Media Harassment; DLC Development Started Right After Spider-Man Went Gold

Marvel’s Spider-Man by Insomniac Games was definitely one of the biggest releases this year, giving PS4 fans another tasty exclusive to add to the console’s long list of critically acclaimed exclusives. However, ever since the game went live back in September, fans constantly messaged the development team’s social media accounts and whined all over the internet to push the studio to add the original Raimi Spider-Man suit wore by Tobey Maguire in the 2002’s movie. Insomniac Games didn’t just add the suit, they gave it away for free to everyone who owns the game.

Well, Community Manager James Stevenson didn’t shy away from calling the way fans requested the suit to be added to the game as harassment, and explained that “passionate is not an excuse for harassment.” He continued to talk about the situation in a series of tweets, and revealed Insomniac Games’ development team started to work on Spider-Man’s post-launch content once the game went gold.

We have listened all throughout development and done lots of things fans asked for. We are not required to do everything. Nor should we be harassed.

Passionate is not an excuse for harassment. Having paid for a piece of software or a service does not entitle you to be a jerk. You are not always right.

And again, we have nothing else we can say on that – as has been the case for a while. Our position has always been we don’t comment on future possible suits (besides ruling a couple out). We know there are many desires, and we’ve heard them.

Just know things take a LONG time sometimes (months and months!) and even then go down to the literal wire.

We obviously never stopped listening.

Spider-Man is now available to play exclusively on the PS4. Let us know what you think of Stevenson’s statement.

[Source: Twitter]