Capcom Producer Teases Company’s Next Title; Discusses Possible Staff Size Increase till They Can Handle Four AAA Titles at Once

Capcom is known for having several well-known franchises, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and Street Fighter. And it is looking likely that the studio is in the process of developing a title that will surprise fans.

Capcom Senior Producer Jun Takeuchi was recently featured in an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, translation courtesy of Takuhi. During the interview, he teased the currently in-development title the studio is working on as a game that will make fans go “wow, they’re making that?” In addition to that, Takeuchi talked about the gradual increase in Capcom’s staff size recently. According to him, the studio can reach a certain point where they can handle developing four AAA titles simultaneously.

If we keep gradually increasing the size of our staff, I’m thinking that at some point maybe we might be able to handle four AAA titles at once.

Also, in addition to that, we’re currently working on a title that will make our fans think, “wow, they’re making that?

…will also improve the quality and lie will disappear. Because lying comes in for sure by making it with CG. (This is probably referring to the uncanny effect) Scanning costumes will bring reality and weight to the screen, right? However, compared to Bio7, costumes of DMC5 are all custom made, so it costs about 10 times as much money. Commitment of the director is so terrible, I said “Do not you just make it with cloth?” When saying “I do not want to be all leather,” he says.

Although the basic part is the same, it is an image that can be flexible according to the game. For example, the face animation of DMC5 has evolved considerably compared to Bio7. There is a scene that delicately smoothes his eyes and narrows his eyes and laughs with huge, but the staff of Bio7 that saw it had regretted that “I wanted to do that!” Although RE ENGINE has evolved, I think that it is great that the staff is mastering it.

What do you think this new title will be? It is supposed to surprise so maybe it is a remake of something nostalgic? Earlier in October, Capcom revealed how they want to target annual releases for multiple of their franchises.

[Source: Takuhi via WCCFTech]